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Trusted Application

RELION is a trusted software used by researchers around the world, offering resources to develop robust 3D structures from large cryo-EM datasets.


Pre-Installed Software

SabrePC's cryo-EM solutions ship with the latest RELION tools for easy out-of-the-box implementation of automated cryo-EM structure determination.

GPU edit

GPU Acceleration

Utilize the latest GPU hardware, featuring NVIDIA A100, Quadro RTX, RTX 2070/2090/3080/3090, and more to classify and reconstruct molecules.

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Why SabrePC?


3 Year Warranty

All SabrePC systems come with a 3-year warranty and support.


Fully Turnkey

No set up required. Simply plug and play, right out of the box.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

Exclusive B2B and bulk discount pricing. Special EDU pricing available.